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Having an iron fence for your home or business could be a huge upgrade for your security. Whether you are in the market for brand-new fence or you have always wanted the look of a custom iron fence installation, are contractors can provide you with the best solutions in iron fencing. We are a team of fully insured and licensed contractors who are capable of installing iron fences that are built to last. We utilize only the finest materials in our industry and we are consistently working with new manufacturers to ensure that we can deliver the best in top grade iron fencing parts. These are fences which are designed to protect businesses, to improve the value of your property as well as offer extensive durability for the future of your property too. The iron fence security that we can install can come with a variety of looks made to suit your style. We can offer:

• Custom iron fence selections
• Iron Fences linked via brick walls
• Detailed iron fences
• Iron security fence installations
• Angled Spear style iron fences
• Luxury iron fence designs
• And more!

No matter what type of design that you are looking for we can emulate it with the iron fences that we have in stock. We have a wide inventory of items available and we can source or work with local manufacturers to create custom pieces that will be perfect for your property. Simply share with us your needs for an iron fence and then we can work at sharing a few different looks that would be very well integrated into your property. Our iron fences are built to pass all required city codes outlined in our local community. If you need access to an iron fence that matches security codes for your business or that matches the security requirements that are needed for your pool area, we can make necessary modifications as well as receive all permits for putting in the fence in your area. As experienced contractors we know how to prevent potential mistakes on the job and we will be sure to get all required permits as well as help you meet all applicable requirements. Repainting services are another element of what our company can provide. As well as handling installation we can also take care of renovations and repairs to an aging iron fence on your property. If you have an iron fence that needs refinishing or light restoration, our staff can source the appropriate parts to bring it back to its original condition or better. We use a wide range of coatings that can help to extend the lifespan of any iron fence installation. Our security iron fence installations can also be a huge help the property and business owners. It's rare to find too many other types of fencing that can offer the same level of strength and security as an iron fence. If you are interested in securing your property from potential threats or having a number of custom touches such as wall attachments, keypads and gates, we can assist with this as well. If there has been an accident or you require a full iron fence replacement throughout your property, we can source iron fence replacement parts or even full sections of an iron fence that could replace a damaged area of your fence. As a group of repair and refurbishing specialist with iron fences we can help to secure your property yet again and ensure that your fence can help to keep your yard secure. Some of the extra services that we can provide as part of our iron fence repairs include grinding off rust and re-powder coating your fences for refurbishing, high-quality pool fencing, heavy or light gauge iron pickets for the top of your fencing as well as railing designs. We can install a variety of iron elements across your property as well as fencing mechanisms that will help you to improve the look of your property. If you have any special considerations such as getting custom iron fence work done, installing a keypad or even getting iron fences which are perfect for animal containment we can work as your advisors. Contact our staff today and we can present a number of options that would be ideal for the property that you have. As skilled contractors that have been working to install iron fences over many years, we can bring precision and excellence to the job site as well as excellent value. Please contact us today if you require iron fencing or secure fencing solutions.




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