Ask any roofer and they will tell you that most roof failures are due to improper maintenance; more specifically the deterioration of the factory coating. Once a factory coating has weathered away its surface will deteriorate at an accelerated rate; this rapid deterioration is fueled by your roofs inability to shed moisture. This build up of moisture creates an ideal environment for algae, lichens, and moss to flourish and ultimately eat their way deep into your home’s roof and into structural elements creating leaks and expensive dry rot problems.

Concrete Malibu villa style - Woodland Hills LA - Jasper Cool Coat - Before & After

Decra-Tile-San-Jose-Solarw-NXT Black-front-of-house Coating

Decra-Tile-San-Jose-Solarw-NXT Black Coating.

Decra-Tile-San-Jose-Solarw-NXT Black-Before and after Coating

Decra-Tile-San-Jose-Solarw-NXT Black back Coating

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